Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parable of the Pumpkin

It was nearly halloween and a mother had taken her young children to a nearby farmer’s field to see all the pumpkins the farmer had grown. The farmer was gentle and kind and invited the children to go out into his pumpkin patch and to gather pumpkins of every size and shape. Some were small, some tall, some large, and some were round. He gave the little children a candle to place inside each pumpkin and invited them to take the pumpkins home and to help Him clean them up and to make them glow for the whole world to see.

The children helped their mother take the pumpkins home to clean them up, to clean them out, and to create unique and lovely pumpkin faces that could be lit aglow with a candle from the kind farmer. The children loved all the pumpkin faces; some were serious, some were silly, some made you laugh, and some were very scary. What they loved the most is that when halloween came, each pumpkin was lit beautifully aglow with light from within and was set upon the front porch for the whole world to see.

The children asked their mother if Jesus liked halloween. She said, “Yes dears, for Jesus calls little children to go forth into His patch to gather pumpkins; and as they are gathered, to then help wash the dirt from exteriors and to help scoop out and remove the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed; and although every pumpkin has his or her own unique personality, shape, size, and face Jesus’s light can be placed inside of any pumpkin who will receive Him.”

May your unique and beautiful size, shape, design and personality always be found shining with His light. The Lord and Master of the great pumpkin patch, even the Bridegroom, will someday come again, and whoso is found shining brightly with His light and has helped others to do the same, will be invited to be with Him at the great wedding feast...

As you seek to improve your health, remember that you are part physical and part spiritual. To enjoy your greatest potential and capacity to contribute and to do good and to live and love life fully, enable yourself fully--both physically and spiritually.

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